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Governing Body

St. Joseph’s RC Primary School Governing Body


Our Governing Body is made up of the following members:



Paul Robb ( Chair of Governors)                        Matthew Sheader

Ian Welford                                                         Marie Watson

Jennifer Nicholson                                              Elizabeth German

Gerard Eddy                                                       Marion Buchanan                                                                           


Declaration of Interests:

Declaration of relevant business interests and pecuniary interests of Governors: None have been declared.


A major role of governors is to follow pupils’ progress and development, both academically physically and emotionally.  Governors follow year group results at the end of Autumn, Spring and Summer terms and they challenge the Headteacher on the educational performance of the pupils and the management of staff if it is needed.  The governors also ask questions about and support the planning of the School Development Plan to ensure there is clarity of vision and strategic direction to the way the school works.
Governors also help ensure pupils are well cared for and receive a good quality of teaching , through discussions with children and through observation of pupils in the classroom for learning, behaviour, communication patterns with each other and with the teachers.

Individual governors have dedicated roles and help to oversee specific aspects of the school. Mari Watson is the governor linked with our provision for Special Educational Needs, Dr Robb is the linked governor for Health and Safety and  Mrs Buchanan is the linked Safeguarding Governor.  

Governors also oversee the financial running of the school, including how the sports budget and pupil premium money are spent to ensure pupil progress.


Currently the members of the Governing Body have no business or pecuniary interests and there are no relationships between governors and members of the school staff

The governors are there to help if parents have any queries.  To contact a governor, just ask Mrs Stewart at school reception, who will happily arrange it. Alternatively you can email them at: